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As one of Canada's 1.2 million businesses, your choices matter. Small choices have a big impact when businesses work together.

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We know businesses have different approaches, goals and capacities. Pick the one that works for your business.



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OGB Spotlight: Carleton Energy Masterplan

Carleton University could soon be the greenest university in Ontario.   And […]

OGB Spotlight: King’s Lock Craft Distillery

Community, sustainability, efficiency. Local business owner Laura Bradley, who founded King’s Lock Craft Distillery with her husband Rob Heuvel in 2015, runs her business like she lives her life: mindful of the impact her decisions have on our planet.  

Weekly Tips

Maximize Natural Lighting

Did you know that taking advantage of natural light can lead to significant health and wellness benefits while lowering your energy consumption?

Be strategic in how you set up your home office, desk, or workspace to maximize natural light coming in. Placing your desk near a window or installing a well placed mirror can amplify natural light.

You can adjust your workspace or even your working hours seasonally to maximize the benefits and minimize your carbon footprint!

Learn more here!

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is a great way to cut carbon by reducing packaging (embodied carbon and waste) and reducing shipping emissions. Plus, one trip is better than ten. 

Bonus: it will likely reduce waste as staff and management begin to keep a close eye on purchasing cycles.

Learn more here!

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