Energy Week: May 3 – May 7

Welcome to week one of the Ottawa Green Business Challenge!

Monday May 3rd: Uncooked Meal Day 

1 point for completing this challenge 

  • Pack or make a lunch of uncooked/raw food to help reduce the energy that would be used to cook a meal. 
  • Organize an uncooked meal virtual potluck to connect with colleagues and talk tips! 

Uncooked Meal Day Submission Form 

Wednesday, May 5th: Unplug After Hours 

1 point for completing this challenge 

  • Unplug electronics at the end of each day to avoid phantom power use. 
  • Power Bars are also a great way to turn everything off at the end of your day! 

Unplug After Hours Submission Form 

Friday, May 7th: Camera Free Friday 

1 point for completing this challenge 

  • Go camera-free for video calls every Friday to help reduce your energy use from video streaming. 
  • Consider making this a regular occurrence!  

Camera-Free Friday Submission Form