Transportation Week: May 24 – May 28

Welcome to week four of the Ottawa Green Business Challenge!

Monday May 24th: Let’s Bike

1 point for completing this challenge 

  • Use the Let’s Bike app to measure and reduce your GHG by choosing to bike! 

Let’s Bike Submission Form

Tuesday, May 25th: Trip Chain! 

1 point for completing this challenge 

  • Try to save up all of the trips & errands you need to make by car for one day in the week. 

Trip Chain Submission Form

Wednesday, May 26th: Replace One Trip By Car With a Trip By Bike, Foot, or Public Transit  

1 point for completing this challenge 

  • Reduce your GHG impact immediately by leaving the car at home and walking, biking, or taking transit for a trip/errand that you would normally do by car  

Replace Trip Submission Form

Thursday, May 27th: Local Meal Day

1 point for completing this challenge 

  • For this challenge, try eating locally to help reduce emissions from transportation and support local businesses. The less distance your meal has to travel, the lower the associated emissions! 
  • Make it a staff social event and gather virtually to celebrate your accomplishments over the past month! 

Local Meal Submission Form