Waste Week: May 10 – May 14

Welcome to week two of the Ottawa Green Business Challenge!

Monday May 10th: Do a Waste Audit 

1 point for completing this challenge 

  • Complete a 1-day waste audit at work or home office. 
  • Tip for a simplified audit – estimate the percentage of each materials group: garbage, paper recycling, glass/plastic/metal recycling, organics 

Waste Audit Submission Form

Wednesday, May 12th: Zero Waste Meal Day 

1 point for completing this challenge 

  • Pack or make a lunch that doesn’t include anything destined for the landfill. 
  • Avoid using anything disposable – including plastic wrap, aluminum foil, napkins, stir sticks, coffee cups, etc… 
  • Try out the IKEA Scrapsbook for inspiration! 

Zero Waste Meal Day Submission Form

Friday, May 14th: Repurpose/Donate One Item 

1 point for completing this challenge 

  • Repurpose one item at home or work that would have otherwise been discarded. 
  • Keep materials in use and extend the lifecycle of resources by donating items you no longer use to a donation collection, buy nothing group, etc. 

*Follow COVID safety protocols.*  

Repurpose/Donate Day Submission Form