Water Week: May 17 – May 21

Welcome to week three of the Ottawa Green Business Challenge!

Monday May 19th: Collect Rainwater for Watering Plants and Gardens! 

1 point for completing this challenge 

  • April showers bring May flowers… and help you avoid using processed, treated, potable water for your plants and garden!  
  • Set up rainwater collection like a rain barrel or small container for watering gardens or even indoor houseplants! 

Collecting Rainwater Submission Form

Wednesday, May 17th: Stop the Drop 

1 point for completing this challenge 

  • Stop any unnecessary drops of water in the workplace or at home by checking taps for leaks or drips 
  • Check out this drip calculator to learn more! 

Stop the Drop Submission Form

Friday, May 21st: Water Calculator 

1 point for completing this challenge 

  • Calculate your individual water footprint and become more aware of your water usage 

Water Calculator Submission Form