Waste in Operations


Complete a waste audit – Follow these tips from CleanRiver Recycling Solutions and carry out a waste audit at your organization. 

Quick tips to reduce waste – A City of Ottawa resource with basic waste reduction and education information. The Public Works and Environmental Services Outreach Team also provides presentations about Ottawa’s green bin and recycling programs to community groups. 

Service Ottawa Waste Explorer – Search for information on how to properly dispose of specific items.


Borrow, don’t buy! The Ottawa Tool Library is a tool lending library that provides access to a large inventory of tools and instruments – from drills to wheelbarrows – to its members. 

Freecycling – There are numerous local initiatives that connect people wishing to donate things with people who need things. The Ottawa FREEcycle group is a great place to start.

Ruckify – Ruckify is an online person-to-person rental marketplace that makes it safe and easy for you to post and/or book anything that you might want to rent.


Know your by-laws – Learn about the e City of Ottawa’s solid waste management regulations. And learn about recycling dos and don’ts here.

City of Ottawa Yellow Bag Program – Convenient and affordable garbage and waste diversion service for small businesses in Ottawa that generate smaller amounts of garbage (16 bags or less of garbage every two weeks). 

Waste Connections of Canada – Private waste collection service for businesses offering recycling and organic composting collection and services. 

Directory of recycling programs in Canada – An inventory of recycling programs with links to extended producer responsibility programs, product stewardship programs, and other related initiatives. 

How recycling can benefit your bottom line – Learn how other Canadian companies are turning waste into profits.

Success Stories

Bridgehead – This Ottawa based coffeehouse chain prides itself on its environmental values. But leaving a greener footprint also means cutting costs. Learn how swapping dumpsters for composters has proved a win-win for the company.

IKEA – Learn about IKEA’s commitment to sustainability and its ambitious targets for 2020 and beyond. 

Innovations in food waste reduction – Learn how new technologies like artificial intelligence can help businesses save money and reduce the amount of food ending up in landfills. 

Other Resources

Circular economy – Learn about the circular economy and how it can benefit your business. 

Box of Life Vermicomposting – Ottawa-based business that designs indoor vermicomposting systems. 

FoodRescue.ca – A free website that connects businesses with surplus food to non-profits who can use that food.