Building Lasting Change 2020 – Health and Livability: Pillars of Green Building

Oct, 20 2020
11:30 am - 12:00 pm

The Canada Green Building Council are excited to share the latest updates on the new online program for Canada’s premier green building event, CaGBC’s Building Lasting Change (BLC), kicking off September 2020 during World Green Building Week.

Reimagined as a dynamic real-time virtual event, Building Lasting Change 2020 will feature interactive online programming over five half-days in September and October, with three additional stand-alone live webcast symposiums later in the fall.

Health and Livability: Pillars of Green Building

Green building goes beyond reducing environmental impacts with a holistic approach that improves the lives and wellbeing of Canadians and embraces green choices beyond the building to include elements such as electric vehicles and renewable energy. LEED certified buildings provide a range of health and wellbeing benefits to occupants through smart design choices. When this approach is extended to neighbourhoods and cities, more people can experience the benefits of sustainable construction and design. By providing solutions that enhance human health and wellbeing, and contribute to the livability of communities, the industry has the potential to engage the next tier of building owners and developers, planners, and policy makers to consider green buildings as a workable and profitable investment.

This stream will expand our understanding of how green buildings, communities, and cities contribute to livability and provide socio-economic benefits such as health, social justice, and economic growth. LEED for Cities and the Living Standard will be introduced along with latest research and initiatives driving the socio-economic aspects of green buildings that appeal to a broader audience.

To learn more and register, check out the website here!