Building Lasting Change 2020 – Resilience and Adaption: Responding to Change

Oct, 06 2020
12:00 pm - 3:45 pm

The Canada Green Building Council are excited to share the latest updates on the new online program for Canada’s premier green building event, CaGBC’s Building Lasting Change (BLC), kicking off September 2020 during World Green Building Week.

Reimagined as a dynamic real-time virtual event, Building Lasting Change 2020 will feature interactive online programming over five half-days in September and October, with three additional stand-alone live webcast symposiums later in the fall.

Resilience and Adaption: Responding to Change

Responding and adapting to changing climates is top of mind with governments across Canada as extreme weather events trigger intense forest fires, heavy flooding, damaging winds, and prolonged power outages. It has never been more urgent to shift our attention to the design of resilient buildings, infrastructure, and communities. High-performance, smart, and resilient buildings offer a solution that will lessen the risks associated with climate change by protecting human health and safety while reducing carbon emissions.

This stream will share research on the risks associated with climate change in Canada and offer solutions at the building and neighbourhood scale. Real-world applications of design strategies will be discussed such as thermal resilience, distributed energy solutions, better stormwater management, protection of natural habitats, and reduction of the urban heat island effect. Progress on Reli 2.0 will be shared as the emerging resiliency standard connected to LEED.

To learn more and register, check out the website here!