Green Business Worksheets

Sustainability Statement Worksheet

Your Sustainability Statement is the cornerstone that defines your organizational approach to sustainability, sets your direction and communicates both to your team, your employees, your stakeholders and the outside world. Our worksheet will walk you through the steps to creating a strong, clear Sustainability Statement that fits your business.

Sustainability Webpage Worksheet

A Sustainability Webpage presents your business approach to sustainability for the outside world. It should be concise, engaging, clear and inspiring. Our worksheet will walk you through the steps to present your Sustainability Statement, approach and existing projects for your client and stakeholders.

Sustainability Plan Worksheet

A Sustainability Plan is a high-level guideline that defines your organizational approach to sustainability, your goals, and the path you will take to achieve your goals. In some cases they are public-facing documents that you will use to share your goals and timelines; in other cases they are an internal document used to guide your projects, your green team, and your planning cycles. This worksheet provides a step-by-step process to develop your new Sustainability Plan. 

Green Team Start-Up Worksheet

A Green Team is usually a group of passionate and knowledgeable people eager to lead their organization toward a low-impact, environmentally-friendly future. These individuals know and share the organization’s sustainability vision and use their skills to turn it into a concrete plan, and make that plan happen. This worksheet will walk you through the process of creating a great Green Team to put your Sustainability Plan into action.

Green Team Agenda Worksheet

An efficient, effective Green Team meeting starts with a clear, functional agenda. This worksheet will provide your team with a clear path to success, outlining how to address key topics, stay on focus and get things done.

Sustainability Project Worksheet

Sustainability Projects are where your Sustainability Plan becomes concrete action, and your environmental impact begins to improve in tangible, measurable ways. This worksheet provides a clear map to planning a great Sustainability Project, from start to finish.

Green Travel Plan Worksheet

Transportation is one of the leading causes of GHG emissions in the business environment. This worksheet will help your organization understand its travel emissions and put in place strategies to support GHG reductions as well as operational improvements.

Waste Audit Worksheet

The first step to reducing business waste is understanding where and what it is. This worksheet will show your team how to complete an effective Waste Audit, and translate your business waste into quantifiable measurements that can be tracked and compared over time. This is the first step toward a waste reduction plan with clear, reportable outcomes.

Case Study Worksheet

A Sustainability Project Case Study is tried and true way to share your successes, promote business sustainability and grow knowledge across the business community. You’ve worked hard to take action, and now it’s time to tell your story and lead the way.

Comms Up-Sell Worksheet

Put your good work on sustainability to work for your business with a clear, achievement-focused approach to sustainability communications. This worksheet walks your business through the basics to ensure your efforts reflect positively on your business and incent other businesses to action!

Weekly Tips

Maximize Natural Lighting

Did you know that taking advantage of natural light can lead to significant health and wellness benefits while lowering your energy consumption?

Be strategic in how you set up your home office, desk, or workspace to maximize natural light coming in. Placing your desk near a window or installing a well placed mirror can amplify natural light.

You can adjust your workspace or even your working hours seasonally to maximize the benefits and minimize your carbon footprint!

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Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is a great way to cut carbon by reducing packaging (embodied carbon and waste) and reducing shipping emissions. Plus, one trip is better than ten. 

Bonus: it will likely reduce waste as staff and management begin to keep a close eye on purchasing cycles.

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