OGB Hub includes all OGB Online services, plus…

Personalized Sustainability Planning

Knowledgeable Hub staff will guide you through the stages of sustainability planning and help you create a sustainability strategy tailored to your organization.

The Milestones Program

The Ottawa Green Business Hub program model is designed to help you turn your business data and your sustainability goals into insights that drive action—clear, measurable, effective climate action. Learn more here!

Target Setting

Businesses that set targets to achieve their goals more effectively. Ottawa Green Business Hub will help you set a target that dovetails with your day-to-day, monthly, and annual business processes and long-term planning, so sustainability planning can integrate smoothly with business operations.

Impact Accounting

Impact accounting makes your climate impact into something measurable, that can be tracked in numbers and compared year over year. Ottawa Green Business Hub will provide you with a customized Impact Tracking Tool, and support you to track, measure and interpret your climate data.

Green Team Support

Ottawa Green Business Hub will provide you with tools, resources and support to establish or grow an engaged, effective green team to catalyze action and achieve your goals.

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