Carbon Accounting

Carbon accounting as a business opportunity – An overview of what carbon accounting means and what opportunities it offers businesses. 

GHG Protocol – Learn about the GHG protocol, the most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standard. 


Carbon calculator – A carbon calculator of your energy use and transportation habits by Tree Canada.

Business emissions calculator – A carbon footprint calculator for businesses by Carbonfund based on actual (or estimated) annual operation data.


Reduce your carbon footprint – Find out about your business carbon footprint and learn how to set reachable objectives to reduce your environmental impact. 


A climate positive workforce – Offset Earth helps you find a way to offset your travel by helping planting trees and funding climate projects. 

Green energy offsetting – Find ways to offset your energy use through Bull Frog Power solutions. 


Track your carbon footprint – Discover several tools to help you track your carbon footprint. 

What’s a carbon footprint – Learn more about what a carbon footprint is and why it matters. 

Business carbon footprint calculation – Discover how to calculate your business carbon footprint. 

Sustainable companies – These companies are committed to reducing their carbon footprint. 

Boost your sustainability – Here are four tips to help you boost your sustainability and reduce your business carbon footprint. 

Small businesses carbon footprint – Learn 25 ways for your small business to reduce its carbon footprint.

Carbon neutral company – Maple Leaf Foods becomes the first major food company in the world to be carbon neutral. 


Create a carbon footprint – This guide introduces the basic principles of creating a carbon footprint and the benefits of conducting it. 

Carbon neutrality – How to go carbon neutral with the use of carbon offsets to neutralize your emissions. 

Case Studies

Big businesses reducing their carbon footprint – Five big companies that reduced their carbon footprint. 

Shifting to ‘carbon neutral’ – Dozens of countries and companies are racing to reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide. 

Investment to lower carbon emissions – Sainsbury’s, one of the UK’s biggest grocery chains, to spend $1.3 billion to reach carbon neutrality in 2040. 

Microsoft’s ‘carbon negative’ pledge – Microsoft pledges to remove ‘all of the carbon” from the environment that it has emitted since 1975. 

Weekly Tips

Maximize Natural Lighting

Did you know that taking advantage of natural light can lead to significant health and wellness benefits while lowering your energy consumption?

Be strategic in how you set up your home office, desk, or workspace to maximize natural light coming in. Placing your desk near a window or installing a well placed mirror can amplify natural light.

You can adjust your workspace or even your working hours seasonally to maximize the benefits and minimize your carbon footprint!

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Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is a great way to cut carbon by reducing packaging (embodied carbon and waste) and reducing shipping emissions. Plus, one trip is better than ten. 

Bonus: it will likely reduce waste as staff and management begin to keep a close eye on purchasing cycles.

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