OGB Awards

The Annual Ottawa Green Business Member Sustainability Awards recognize the sustainability efforts of the businesses and organizations in our membership program.

Climate Action Leadership Award 

Awarded to the Ottawa Green Business Hub Member who shows the greatest commitment to climate action within the community and across the network, as well as in their own operations.  

2021 Recipient: Shepherds of Good Hope 

Shepherds of Good Hope (SGH) expanded the diversity of their efforts this year to become a true community climate leader. From developing a Sustainable Transportation Plan to analyze commuting habits, to building urban gardens to improve local biodiversity, and to phasing in a fleet of EV vehicles, SGH is committed to exploring sustainability in all aspects of their organization. 

Climate Action Project Award 

Awarded to the Ottawa Green Business Hub Member who implements the year’s best sustainability project.  

2021 Recipient: Canadian Museum of Nature 

In 2021 the Canadian Museum of Nature reported one of the biggest drops in energy consumption among our members by replacing their 20-year-old centrifugal chillers with magnetic bearing chillers, which led to reducing their energy consumption by more than 10% and their maintenance cost by 50%. 

Emerging Excellence Award 

 Awarded to an Ottawa Green Business Hub Member who joined the program within the past year and has shown the greatest enthusiasm, leadership, and engagement on climate action.  

2021 Recipient: CAA NEO 

Our newest member, CAA NEO, has quickly become one of our most engaged members. Along with being the first member to report their emissions data, they continued to follow-up to find different ways to provide data to create a more comprehensive understanding of their emissions. Their focus on persistent improvement has helped uncover innovative new climate action opportunities. 

Resilience Award 

Awarded to an Ottawa Green Business Hub Member who has adapted to difficult circumstances with the most creative, effective, or inspiring climate action project. 

2021 Recipient: Lightenco 

During the pandemic, Lightenco expanded their operations into EV charging and solar panel installation. To build the infrastructure for these new services, Lightenco conducted extensive industry research, expanded the technical diversity of their team, and worked with local partners for training. Through this capacity-building, Lightenco successfully completed 30+ chargers and their first residential solar installation; and they are busy acquiring more projects.